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At some point every river in South Africa flows through an Ainsworth Valve

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There is probably not a single river of any importance in South Africa whose waters do not, at some point or another, flow through an Ainsworth valve. On the mines, in water supply, water reticulation and irrigation schemes, power stations and industries throughout the country, valves supplied by Ainsworth Engineering (Pty) Ltd help to regulate the flow not only of water which is so essential to all, but also of a variety of other fluids.

Many of Ainsworth's original water valves, manufactured back in the 1940's are still in use today These traditions of quality and reliability, combined with extensive experience in design and production, have made Ainsworth a leading manufacturer of water valves in Africa.

Ainsworth manufactures and suppliers offer an extensive range of water valves including resilient seal gate, hydrant, butterfly, gate, reflux, ring needle, sleeve-type dispersion and ball valves. Ainsworth is an ISO 9001 listed company and where applicable, its valves bear the SABS mark.




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Sunday, December 11, 2016
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