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Vision statement
A dynamic company delivering world class complete valve solutions.

Mission statement
We are a Local Manufacturer of Valves for Water Works, Chemical and food- and Mining. We strive to provide clients with valves that have superior performance and finest quality.

Passionately Empowering People
This is the attitude that we promote throughout our business. Each word has value to it:

The leadership team of our company are passionate about empowering employees.

We empower our staff to be ‘selfmanaged’ as far as possible. We live out this attitude to our clients as well. The more clients we can empower, the better for our business and South Africa.

Socio-Economic Development (SED)
We are committed to the agenda of social transformation that is embodied in the principle of social justice and the Bill of Rights contained in our Constitution. We endeavour to create a better life for the poor, vulnerable and excluded people in our society.

To us it’s all about people. We believe that our team is key to the success of the business; and our clients are the ‘game-changers’ in South Africa’s economy.

Excellence – We focus on being excellent in everything we do.
God’s time – We aim to have faith that’s God’s time is perfect in everything we pursue.
Pro-active – Our service delivery is all about being ahead of the game and thus pro-active and on any market / regulatory 

Business goals & objectives
To manufacture all types of valves and valves spares in South Africa by 2020. To develop and train previous disadvantage persons to assure that South Africa is a country that is a leader in the manufacturing of valves.

Growth strategy
Our growth strategy is built around a marketing and research initiative which will supply the industry with 100% locally manufactured valves for all applications. We are looking for smart partnerships with suppliers that share or values and want to excel in their areas of expertise.

Economic Empowerment
We are motivated by the potential to be harnessed trough celebrating diversity and incorporating empowerment into its business culture. It supports the B-BBEE Act and the Codes of Good Practice for B

Contact Details:

Tel: (011) 433-3968
Fax: (011) 433-9107

Physical Address:

44 Harry Street
Johannesburg South