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Fabricated Cone Strainers

Normal size range DN50 to DN500 pipeline connections.
Pressure rating Up to 16 MPa (PN160) or ANSI class 900, depending on strainer size.


In – line strainers with fabricated two-part steel body and conical filter woven mesh screen.
Patent no. 88 / 4026.

  • Body – consists of two parts with flange connection for assembly. A hinge allows the lower body part to swing open once flange bolts are removed. This permits easy access for servicing or cleaning strainer inside. Body fabricated from steel piping and fittings, with 90 degree elbow inside. Material and wall thickness to suit pressure rating and / or client specification. High pressure strainers normally with dished body ends, for low pressure with flat plate ends. Due to the fabricated design, dimensions and layout can be easily adapted to clients requirements.
  • Line flanges are slip-on weld type, drilling pattern and facing to suit client specification. Other end connections, such as plain pipe or weld ends can be supplied on request.
  • Filter screen – replaceable conical screen woven mesh, stainless steel, with circumferential stiffener rings. Mesh size normally 10 Mesh per inch, but can be made to suit specific filtration requirements. Large filter screen area results in low internal flow velocity; particles tend to fall down rapidly, away from filter screen.
  • Scour connection – near lowest point of body; allows instant flushing of debris without opening strainer. For larger strainers a flanged side scour outlet is normally provided.
  • Options – such as suitable scour valves, tappings for differential pressure sensing (to monitor blockage of screen), pressure gauges etc. can be provided on request.


Design may vary with strainer size and pressure rating. Large units are usually provided with a flanged side scour outlet pipe.
Suitable scour valves can be optionally provided for any type of scour outlet.
Client to specify maximum flowrate through strainer and size / type of pipeline connections required.
Standard corrosion protection is epoxy paint COPON EP2300 or similar. Others available on request.
Design of Ainsworth strainers is patented – patent no. 88 / 4026.
Specifications and design features subject to change without notice.

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