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Fire Hydrant


The AINSWORTH RSV Fire Hydrant provides both durability and improved performance as well as greatly reduced maintenance requirements compared to conventional hydrants.

The RSV Fire Hydrant is made from S.G. Iron (BS2789 Grade 420 / 12), including components such as bayonet and gland housing.
The RSV principle is applied with a rubber seat moulded over the threaded S.G. Iron Plug.
This rubber seat on the valve plug can accomodate small solid particles in the water and seal drop tight. The hydrant requires little torque for operating and sealing.
The hydrant has a corrosion-resistant spindle seal which comprises two O-rings located in a nylon bush.
These seal against the polished stainless steel spindle shaft. A scraper ring prevents the ingress of dirt. The flowpath is streamlined and the valve therefore has a a high flow capacity. Castings are epoxy powder coated (EPC) to provide protection against corrosion. The hydrant is available with bayonet-type, London vee thread and London round thread outlets.

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