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Tilting Disc Reflux Valve

Size range DN250 to DN1600
Pressure rating Maximum 4000 KPa (PN40); depending on valve size


Non – return valve, with off – centre hinged tilting disc as moving part. Body normally steel fabricated with stainless steel welded-in seat ring and fine machined conical seat face. Body with short face to face
Disc of cast steel, with deposit welded and fine machined stainless steel conical seat face. Disc is convex towards pressure side, resulting in increased strength.
Off – centre stainless steel hinge shafts located in long bearing bushes, with some clearance. This allows the disc and body seats to mate perfectly on valve closure. Valve fitted with lever and counterweight to assist closure. Lever side shaft sealed to exterior by means of a cup seal, producing much less friction than a conventional gland seal.

Compared to conventional reflux valves, the tilting disc reflux valve offers several advantages, including :

  • Shorter valve body face to face dimension, which results in lower total mass and less space required for installation. This contributes towards a significant project cost reduction.
  • Valve disc can open by 90 degrees to lie parallel with pipe axis when fully open. The airfoil disc shape produces a lifting force which assists full opening. Therefore head loss when valve is fully open, is significantly lower than for conventional reflux valves.
  • Fully machined conical seat ensures tightness, even for low back pressures.

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