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Wafer Type Butterfly Valve


Off-centre, stub-shaft type Butterfly valve with an endless, resilient seal carried on the edge of the blade and retained by a retaining ring.
The uninterrupted seal ensures tightness in both flow directions. Valve seal adjustable for wear and easily replaceable without dismantling the valve.
Seal of special triangular shape accomodates high differential pressures. Coated body seat accurately machined to a profile which reduces undue stresses during closure.
The retaining ring can be locked in a desired position by means of alternating set and grub screws.
It will force the seal against the body seat to form a tight seal. Primary and secondary shaft seals consisting of O-rings and a cup seal.
Extra long bearing bushes. Thrust ring to accurately position valve blade.


Governed by materials of construction.


Handlever supplied for on / off operation and with optional intermediate 3-stops for throttling services. All valves can be operated against full differential pressure.
Geared operators available for all sizes. Gearbox type and make at manufacturers option. Actuator mounting plates available for manual, pneumatic and electric actuators to suit your requirements. Unless otherwise specified, handwheels will close clockwise.


Electric, Hydraulic, and pneumatic actuators and ancillary equipment.

Stainless steel body seats, retaining rings, screws.

Valves PN40.


In the interest of continuous development, we reserve the right to modify materials and design to equivalent or higher standards without notification.

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