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Ainsworth Engineering is a truly local manufacturer of valves. Valves are manufactured in our facility with various equipment and personnel.


We manufacture all our valves in our facility in Robertsham covering 10 000 square meters. The facility is designed for our application with various overhead cranes.


We have various machines used in the manufacture of valves. We are continually investing in new machines to assist improve our manufacturing capacity. We have steadily introduced Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathe and milling machines.

Pressure Testing Bay

All valves manufactured by Ainsworths Engineering have to pass our stringent pressure testing. All our our valves are pressure tested to pressure s thirty percent higher than designed pressure. Our equipment is calibrated regularly to ensure it complies to ISO Standards.

Powder coating plants

We paint our valves according to clients paint specification. We also provide powder coating for some of our clients. This is done in our powder coating plants located in our premises.


Valves are assembled by experienced individuals with proper tools. The assembly area allows for assembly of many valves in simultaneously. The valves are inspected after being fully assembled in the presence of third parties where required.

Sand blasting plant

All valves must be shot blasted before they can be painted. They are shot blasted according to client specification before they are painted to their colour requirements. The valves are blasted in two facilities within our premises, one handling small and the other bigger valves.


We own many patterns that are used in the manufacture of valves. The patterns are housed in our premises other than when they are used for casting with the foundry. The pattern are all owned by Ainsworth Engineering and form a critical part of the business. These patterns are returned to our care after casting with the foundry.

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