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Manufacturer of new valves

Ainsworth Engineering is a manufacturer of valves for various industries. We manufacture different valves that handle different types of fluids in different applications.

We have over the years developed quality valves that have lasted many years without services. We also work closely with our clients to develop and manufacture valves that suit their application.


Repair and reconditioning of valves

We refurbish old valves that have been installed in various sites around the country.
Valves of all types, makes and sizes are accepted for superior reconditioning and servicing.

Installation of valves and allied equipment

Site installation of valves and allied equipment is as a result of the specialist nature and risks associated with inferior installation. We therefore prefer to install our valves and allied equipment and we guarantee our workmanship.

Assistance to solve valve problems in the industry

We also work with various clients to help solve their problems. The recent design of a triple off set valve with Eskom.

Valve Training to clients

We valve training to our clients to the industry in general. This is provided on request from our clients and in instances we supply new valves. This helps with understanding of the products there are using.

Research and Development

Research and development allows Ainsworth Engineering to be at the cutting edge of technology in the valve industry. All the valves we currently sell have all been developed in house.

Allied equipment supply
We also sell allied or associated equipment and products to our clients as a single point of sale. Some of the products that we offer will include:

  • actuators,
  • gearboxes,
  • meters,
  • pipe fittings, etc.
  • Strainers,
  • Bolts,
  • nuts and gaskets

This is an important part of the business as it affords us an opportunity to provide total integration solution to our clients.

Engineering Assistance and advice

The wealth of experience acquired over the years allows us to share it with our clients. We actively and regularly provide engineering assistance to our clients. We also provide professional advice to client technical problems.

Contact Details:

Tel: (011) 433-3968
Fax: (011) 433-9107

Physical Address:

44 Harry Street
Johannesburg South